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New Look

New header, new look, more or less the same name, same url. Different emphasis. I hope you still enjoy coming back!


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Intro: Why I Started this Blog

Postcards of the Earth has been my regular blog for posting postcards for a few months now. I love being able to see each one I have gotten over time from these fabulous areas of the world. So many beautiful places to visit and see.

But I really enjoy cooking. I am a foodie. I love testing and tasting new recipes from all around the world. I love trying something new, something different. The food I end up bringing to work is very much a  Japanese Bento (when I don’t do the lazy fall back of a ham sandwich of course) with less traditional sides like hummus or homemade naan.  And since I live alone, with no one to appease but myself I feel the need to share some of my goodies with others. I like to brag about my skills.

So here goes…I will attempt to update every few days when I can with photos and recipes. Ideally I would say every day but I know me and I know I get too busy to do that from time to time.

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