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Link: Baking Soda & Baking Powder

Brownie Points recently posted a rather interesting article detailing baking powder and baking soda, how they are alike and how they are not. Definitely worth a read (and a listen to the podcast mentioned – I can’t seem to get it to come up for me though)…and makes me think of adjusting my own recipes!


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Opinion: Cooking for One

I have a hard time cooking for just me. Cooking for one is difficult, especially when your not keen on leftovers like I am. Awhile back the Kitchn had a few tips on going solo. Some made sense, some didn’t. For instance they suggested buying just one fresh herb you like and using more of it instead of buying a bunch of different types. That is true, however, its not overly practical when your choices only come in large bunches like most of mine do in this area. I do get lucky from time to time and find smaller bunches, but most ends up bad before I even get to use it. So sad and such a waste of money. I’d grow my own herbs in a window box if I could – but I have a very black thumb and kill everything I touch!

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Organization: Condiment Storage

I know a bunch of other bento-ers do this. Its not new. Of course Biggie suggests doing this. I’m just showing you what I finally broke down and did.


I was tired of always trying to fill condiment containers at the last second, or even worse, forgetting to do it entirely (or more often just being lazy and assuming I could scrounge some up at work). Its not pretty and people there usually order take out so there usually isn’t much laying around. So I finally broke down and filled more than just fish containers with soy sauce (the only ones beside Tabasco sauce I was pre-filling before).

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New: Silicone "Bento" Cups

I don’t remember which website someone commented about these on, but I heard about them and had to have some. They are $1 Target (the Target Spot “dollar” area) silicone Easter baking cups. Four Targets and two days later I have one set of 6 cups. One. I would have preferred another set or two just in case. I’d like to save my coated paper cups from Japan for other things, not to mention what a waste on the environment the paper cups can be.

These are, however, VERY thin and collapse beautifully in a bento box. Can’t wait to try them this week. And frankly for a buck they are much better on the pocketbook than some of the “authentic” ones from Japan.


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Tips: Some Things to Make Life Easier

Just Bento, an amazing blog where I have learned more than I ever believed possible about bento, has a weekly bento planner pdf that appeals to my obsessive compulsive organizational nature. I have been having trouble organizing what to have for the week and am usually running around at the last minute. I *despise* doing that. I admit I changed mine somewhat to reflect the actual days I work just so it was easier on me, as well as printed it to fit inside my day planner but this has been amazing at keeping me organized.

Definitely a worthy addition!

I also have heard (through Lunch in a Box) that Ichiban Kan is opening an online store as of April 1! Ichiban Kan is basically similar to a 100 Yen (or dollar) store in Japan and operates in the San Fransisco area. I have never visited but have heard many wonderful things. Now maybe I will have another resource for my Bento and Japanese things.

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Tips: Easy Lessons on Bento Boxes

Informative with the basics and easy to follow. Done by an American for Americans who do not always have access to all there is available in Japan.

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