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Bento #94: Salmon and Couscous

PhotobucketAnother simple bento

Lemon baked salmon

Lemon and honey carrots


Tastykakes chocolate cupcakes


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Bento #91: Chicken Leftovers

PhotobucketLeftovers snagged from the fridge…

Lemon Thyme Chicken – cold and reheated when eaten

Honey Glazed carrots – I left these cold as well and reheated when eaten

couscous – rehydrated with hot water when it eaten

leftover Christmas candy – bits of white chocolate with nonpareils

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Bento #88: Couscous & Salmon

PhotobucketKinda boring dinner. I was running a little late so I only wanted to put together something simple-ish.

Salmon and shallots baked in lemon juice…so yummy!

Frozen carrots

Dry couscous (which I added boiling water to & covered with the lid when ready to eat)

Pomegranate kernels

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Bento #66: Salmon & Couscous

PhotobucketOnion & Tomato salad, baked salmon with tarragon, and plain couscous

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Recipe: Baked Apple Couscous Pudding

Its fall. Ok. Its close to fall. But around here its been cold for the last couple of weeks. The kind of cold where I sleep snuggled up, covered in blankets, with my windows open because I’m just not ready to admit defeat yet. The kind of cold where I have to wear jeans and a sweater, but no jacket, just to keep warm outside. The kind of cold where all I wanna do is make hot cocoa and hot chai to drink. The cold where I haven’t flipped my furnace back on and I don’t want to…because that means fall is over and winter is coming.

At any rate. Fall puts me in the mood for apples…and warm things (see referenced hot drinks above!). So since I bought a new cookbook the other day I decided to christen it by making this BEYOND EASY “pudding”. I already had all the ingredients so it was a no brainer.

The original recipe comes from 1001 Recipes by Martha Day. Amazon says its not out yet, but I bought mine at a brick and mortar Borders location for all of $4.99. And it (like others from this same publishing company – Hermes House) are worth WAY more than that. I’ve got 6 of their $4.99 Borders specials and they are fantastic to cook from. The only problem? They are British in origin. So some ingredients are called by different names (rocket in the book is usually known as arugula here in the States) or impossible to find (this recipe calls for Mixed Spice – something that basically doesn’t exist here). But I digress as I’m planning on covering all 6 of the ones I own on an upcoming Exploring Cookbooks.


2 1/2 cups apple juice
2/3 cup couscous
1/3 cup raisins
3/4 tsp mixed spice
1 apple, peeled, cored and sliced
2 tbsp brown sugar

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Bento #34: Bratwurst, Couscous & Bread Pudding

A bed of couscous topped with a leftover sliced bratwurst and frozen carrots on the side

An orange that’s been sectioned for easy eating at my desk

Bread pudding (recipe to be posted tomorrow!!)

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Bento #32: Couscous & Shredded Pork

The couscous was made using a speedy tip I found: put the dry couscous in the box tier, pour the hot water (or chicken stock) over top, put on the lid and let it sit until its “done”. Easy and quick. And I have a microwave at my disposal at work to do this with in the future.

Leftover shredded North Carolina BBQ Pork – why left over? Turns out with some guys at least that the easiest way to their hearts IS through their stomachs. 🙂 Actually I made this for my boyfriend and he loved it!

Frozen carrots

Mandarin oranges

Marble Pocky – Kaoru Rum Raisin flavored

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