Bento #93: Squid, Seaweed and Rice

PhotobucketVery simple meal and bento

Layer of rice on the bottom topped with squid salad and seaweed salad. The little bottle holds rice vinegar which helped tremendously.

This was packed not in a bento box (as if I lack those!) but in a regular old food storage container by Rubbermaid. Easy peasy.


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Bento #92: Chicken Salad and Veggies

PhotobucketA very full dinner!

broccoli and carrots

chicken salad

spinach and romaine salad with italian dressing in the monkey

slab of homemade bread (a bad attempt at a new recipe, but tasted fine)

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This blog…

Its slightly more than a week until my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog. I’ve never gotten the viewership that would rival the big dogs. None-the-less I enjoyed it. Until I started tracking IP addresses. That was my big mistake. I just wanted to know who the return visitors were. Turns out I’m not getting very many. (Thank you to those that have!)

And that’s ok. No really it is. As lately writing has begun to feel like a chore. I’m still interested in food, but it really has seemed like work which almost no one has been reading. Further my life has changed some, I have more interests than just food…so the theme of this blog will be changing come February 4 (the 1 year anniversary).

The name and url remains the same, its just a slight content change. From now on my new focus includes not just bento or food, recipes or vintage cookbooks. It will also include everything else about my life that makes me…me. My “Pieces of Earth” if you will and the pieces of life that influence me and my experiences. Yes, it will become a personal blog…but I am going to continue to post just bento items, recipes and vintage cookbooks. Now there will just be the other stuff in between.

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Recipe: Hot and Spicy Chicken Hot Wings

Actually with this recipe they don’t have to be hot or spicy…but they can be! Its all in how you cook the sauce. This is my mother’s recipe and frankly I have never met a better Hot Wing recipe. EVER. No seriously. And I’m now a dead duck for sharing it with the world. I’ve been threatened but I said I was going to share it anyway…its too good not to.

The thing about spicy that A LOT of people forget is that to just have HOT without depth of taste means it doesn’t end up tasting like anything. You have to have the subtle background notes to truly make it a spicy worth having.

With the Super Bowl coming up I wanted to make sure these were posted ASAP…as the boyfriend is already requesting them again!


4 pounds of chicken wings, cut into sections, bony tips discarded
10 ounces of blackberry preserves
6 ounces of Louisiana Hot Sauce
2 tbsp butter

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Link: Baking Soda & Baking Powder

Brownie Points recently posted a rather interesting article detailing baking powder and baking soda, how they are alike and how they are not. Definitely worth a read (and a listen to the podcast mentioned – I can’t seem to get it to come up for me though)…and makes me think of adjusting my own recipes!

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Recipes: Scrambled Eggs

I’m a scrambled egg girl. My typical breakfast is some form of scrambled eggs and toast. Nearly everyday. Yes, I am that boring. But I do “dress it” depending on my mood. And my moods are varied…


  • The first way I actually picked up from the NY Times. Four eggs and 2 tbsp of tomato sauce, mixed together and scrambled as normal (pictured above sprinkled with a few bits of chives, what I had anyway).
  • Vegetables such as diced bell peppers, tomatoes or mushrooms mixed in, scrambled and (sometimes) topped with hot sauce.
  • Shredded cheese mixed in, scrambled and then more cheese (and sometimes hot sauce) on top.
  • Meats like bacon bits, sliced lunch meat (ham usually), crab, smoked salmon (any meat you can think of basically!) mixed in and scrambled. Kind of a pseudo-omelet.
  • Salsa mixed in, scrambled and more poured on top to serve. Sometimes just the “on top” bit.
  • Spices (like crushed red pepper, chili powder, Worcestershire Sauce, garlic, etc) mixed in, scrambled and served.
  • Scramble plain eggs and pour pancake or maple syrup over them. This is actually my favorite one and what I will *always* do if I happen to eat pancakes with my eggs.
  • Slightly melt a few tablespoons of strawberry preserves (i.e. jam or jelly) in the microwave and pour over the plain scrambled eggs. Sweet tasting.
  • Make pseudo-tamagoyaki – I typically mix 2 eggs, 1 tbsp dashi stock and 1 tbsp sugar and make plain scrambled eggs with it on very low heat, so as not to burn.

More information about making the perfect scrambled eggs after the jump…
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Review: Nintendo DS – Personal Trainer: Cooking

I am a female gamer. I admit that much. And I prefer the “girly” kind of games. Sexist, perhaps, but true none-the-less. I mean the game that is irritating me right now is “Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve” (I can’t get past the last level on the 4th restaurant), I’m also a HUGE Cooking Mama fan (especially “Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends“). Incidentally I do enjoy games that are NOT cooking or food related (MillionHeir, Mario Brothers, Animal Crossing, CrossworDS, Chessmaster, Brain Age, Guitar Hero, to name just a few).

A recent release has gotten my attention and that of many others – Personal Training: Cooking. And its NOT a game…its a cookbook! I haven’t had the chance to use it much yet, but I have looked through the entire thing to make sureĀ it wasn’t a rip off or worse, a big disappointment.

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