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Link: Eddie Ross

My god the man does it again! This time he’s posted all about his new butler pantry in his beautiful old home he just moved into – and is the pantry and display ever beautiful!! Check it out…I’m completely envious!



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New Look

New header, new look, more or less the same name, same url. Different emphasis. I hope you still enjoy coming back!

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This blog…

Its slightly more than a week until my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog. I’ve never gotten the viewership that would rival the big dogs. None-the-less I enjoyed it. Until I started tracking IP addresses. That was my big mistake. I just wanted to know who the return visitors were. Turns out I’m not getting very many. (Thank you to those that have!)

And that’s ok. No really it is. As lately writing has begun to feel like a chore. I’m still interested in food, but it really has seemed like work which almost no one has been reading. Further my life has changed some, I have more interests than just food…so the theme of this blog will be changing come February 4 (the 1 year anniversary).

The name and url remains the same, its just a slight content change. From now on my new focus includes not just bento or food, recipes or vintage cookbooks. It will also include everything else about my life that makes me…me. My “Pieces of Earth” if you will and the pieces of life that influence me and my experiences. Yes, it will become a personal blog…but I am going to continue to post just bento items, recipes and vintage cookbooks. Now there will just be the other stuff in between.

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Link: Baking Soda & Baking Powder

Brownie Points recently posted a rather interesting article detailing baking powder and baking soda, how they are alike and how they are not. Definitely worth a read (and a listen to the podcast mentioned – I can’t seem to get it to come up for me though)…and makes me think of adjusting my own recipes!

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Informational: Hot Dogs Nationwide

I love hot dogs. All kinds! My favorite happens to be a Midwest/Colorado (very popular there) specialty – chili (no beans); goopy, gloppy, orangey fake cheese; and ketchup. Seconded by the Chicago Dawg, thirded by the so-called Kansas City Dog (sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese) and probably fourth by Corn Dogs. Yummy! Personally though given any of these choices I’d probably go for a Brat – that’s just my German heritage showing through I guess.

Anyway, earlier this last year Serious Eats posted about hot dogs from around the country. And I learned a lot I didn’t really know about all the various styles. Like how much hot dogs vary from one side of the country to the other! I really had no idea. Granted they left off lots that should have made the list (and got the cheese all wrong on the Midwest Chili Cheese, obviously) but the pictures leave you hungry for more!

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Link: Bento Blog Search

Biggie over at Lunch in a Box has decided to make a Bento search tool similar to the Food Blog Search and Veg Blog Search engines starting with her link database. Feel free to click on over and check it out! And if your graphically inclined she does need help with those!

Bento Blog Search

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News: I have a new modem!

Part of my internet woes were directly related to the fact that I had a very old cable modem. A modem that needed replaced ages ago but everyone kept trying to talk me out of it for some reason.

I refused to listen – during tests my upload speeds were usually around 20/25 kbps. No joke. That’s why there is a decided lack of pictures on here, or just small ones. It was just refusing to work any longer (earlier this year it was around 500 kbps). So I broke down and bought a Motorola SURFboard Wireless Cable Modem Gateway as the reviews for this on Amazon were better than any of the other combos and I didn’t yet have a wireless router and I’m planning on buying a new laptop next month.

Anyway I got it this morning, its working beautifully and its FAST! Uploads around 1500 kbps in case you were wondering – it took me about 3 minutes to upload 18 full size images of cookbook pages, whereas that would have taken HOURS before. And you wondered why I was slacking! I didn’t want to!

Well now I have plenty of power and connection behind me. I’m good to go…and will be hitting the ground running late tomorrow with LOTS of backed-up stuff.

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