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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to me!

Yup, 1 year ago I started this blog. I’ve never had major viewership so its allowed me to change things, experiment, and re-work them as I like. I’m going to continue to do so in the future, I just hope I still enjoy writing in this here blog! If I never get major viewership that’s okay with me, I’m more worried about doing this as long as I enjoy it, and it doesn’t become a chore. It is just passions and hobbies afterall.

As for my new focus, everything I was writing about before stays. I’m still doing recipes, vintage cookbooks and bentos. None of that is leaving. That’s still my life in some ways. But I also have deep interests in design, interior decorating, crafts, scrapbooking, World of Warcraft (thanks to my boyfriend Brad!), books, photos, thrift storing, computer programs, cats, all sorts of things. So from now on, a little more general, a little more me.

Hope you stick around for it!



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New Look

New header, new look, more or less the same name, same url. Different emphasis. I hope you still enjoy coming back!

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This blog…

Its slightly more than a week until my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog. I’ve never gotten the viewership that would rival the big dogs. None-the-less I enjoyed it. Until I started tracking IP addresses. That was my big mistake. I just wanted to know who the return visitors were. Turns out I’m not getting very many. (Thank you to those that have!)

And that’s ok. No really it is. As lately writing has begun to feel like a chore. I’m still interested in food, but it really has seemed like work which almost no one has been reading. Further my life has changed some, I have more interests than just food…so the theme of this blog will be changing come February 4 (the 1 year anniversary).

The name and url remains the same, its just a slight content change. From now on my new focus includes not just bento or food, recipes or vintage cookbooks. It will also include everything else about my life that makes me…me. My “Pieces of Earth” if you will and the pieces of life that influence me and my experiences. Yes, it will become a personal blog…but I am going to continue to post just bento items, recipes and vintage cookbooks. Now there will just be the other stuff in between.

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Opinion: Cooking for One

I have a hard time cooking for just me. Cooking for one is difficult, especially when your not keen on leftovers like I am. Awhile back the Kitchn had a few tips on going solo. Some made sense, some didn’t. For instance they suggested buying just one fresh herb you like and using more of it instead of buying a bunch of different types. That is true, however, its not overly practical when your choices only come in large bunches like most of mine do in this area. I do get lucky from time to time and find smaller bunches, but most ends up bad before I even get to use it. So sad and such a waste of money. I’d grow my own herbs in a window box if I could – but I have a very black thumb and kill everything I touch!

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Meme: End of 2008

1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before? I got divorced. Not exactly something I want to repeat…never again!

2. Did anyone close to you die? Not overly close, but I still think about her from time to time – my stepfather’s mother.

3. What was the best thing you bought? Hmmm…I’m pretty fond of my very comfortable bed. Oh and my car was paid off this month!!

4. Where did most of your money go? This year it was the divorce and paying the bills associated with it.

5. What did you get really, really, really excited about? I have something in mind but I better not…maybe Obama winning!

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About Me: Kitchen Tools

There’s been a lot of talk of kitchen tools you can’t live without…simple and the not so simple really. So I’ve been sitting here thinking of the ones I own that I just can’t do without…what about you? What can’t you do without?

(keep in mind we all can do without tools but this is more a list of the items you don’t really feel like doing without)

  • My silicon baking sheet – If I’m making something on a baking sheet/cookie sheet this is down no matter what. Its like permanent parchment paper. It cleans up so easily, nothing sticks and very little gets burned because of temperature issues!
  • My pizza stone – I have an old oven and this evens the temperature out so nicely on all my baking pans. I actually notice when I can’t or don’t use it while cooking, such a difference on the browning of foods.
  • My silicon rubber spatula spoon – I make scrambled eggs with this, scrap bowls of batters, mix, even the tops of pies/cakes/etc, and do almost everything with it. The perfect spoon in every way.
  • My vintage Pyrex mixing bowls with batter spouts – its Pyrex so automatically I have no problem putting them in the oven (if I want to help a yeast dough proof – its cold in my apartment), putting them in the microwave to melt something or even just putting them in the freezer for a bit. Temperature isn’t an issue. And the batter spouts are great for pouring. Not to mention these are large, wide bowls and hold everything I can whip up.
  • My mixer – previously it was my hand mixer but now that I have a shiny new Kitchen Aid stand mixer I’m sure that will move into its spot. There are just some fantastic recipes you can’t make without one of these, hand or stand. Period. Like cake. Yummy!
  • My rice cooker – I couldn’t have rice if I didn’t have one. Why? I can’t make rice on the stovetop. Tastes awful. I’m terrible at it.
  • My kitchen shears – so much easier than using a knife on chicken or herbs. Cuts everything and then some.

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About Me: My food related Christmas gifts

Guess what I got from my mother and stepfather for Christmas?


Yup. I *LOVES* this! I’ve wanted one for years! I’ve only ever owned a hand mixer and was about ready to replace it. Now I still might, but its not urgent (as a hand mixer is handy to have sometimes). Coolest parents ever. Ever I tell you!!

The first thing I hope to make in it, I hope, will be homemade marshmallows…I’ve just always wanted to make them and never have since the beating time is so significant. Not to mention the “candy” aspect of it – I usually have a hard time making candy so we shall see if my efforts pay off. But since I broke my last candy thermometer and haven’t bothered to replace it yet marshmallows may wait and I may just make cookies or something just to use this!

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