Recipe: Hot and Spicy Chicken Hot Wings

Actually with this recipe they don’t have to be hot or spicy…but they can be! Its all in how you cook the sauce. This is my mother’s recipe and frankly I have never met a better Hot Wing recipe. EVER. No seriously. And I’m now a dead duck for sharing it with the world. I’ve been threatened but I said I was going to share it anyway…its too good not to.

The thing about spicy that A LOT of people forget is that to just have HOT without depth of taste means it doesn’t end up tasting like anything. You have to have the subtle background notes to truly make it a spicy worth having.

With the Super Bowl coming up I wanted to make sure these were posted ASAP…as the boyfriend is already requesting them again!


4 pounds of chicken wings, cut into sections, bony tips discarded
10 ounces of blackberry preserves
6 ounces of Louisiana Hot Sauce
2 tbsp butter

Coat each wing section in flour and fry in hot oil until just slightly golden brown. Remove, drain and arrange in rows on a foil lined baking sheet (trust me the sauce STICKS something awful).

While the chicken is frying start preparing the sauce. Melt the butter, preserves and hot sauce in sauce pan over medium high heat until mixed thoroughly. Then heat to taste. Typically it has a “hotness” bell curve. It starts out very spicy, gets very mellow and then gets very spicy again. Just keep tasting until you know what level you want. I tend to jump around and never know what I want until its actually cooking. Keep in mind it will get slightly more spicy while cooking in the oven. Remove from heat once you’ve achieved the amount of spicy desired.

Once both the chicken is lightly fried and the sauce is done dip each piece into the sauce, allow to sit for 30 seconds, remove to the baking sheet and repeat until done. Usually I will dip each piece once then repeat the entire tray again.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 400 F for 20 to 30 minutes. About halfway through and again just before serving, dip the chicken wings once more into the remaining sauce.



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2 responses to “Recipe: Hot and Spicy Chicken Hot Wings

  1. Oh, that sounds really good! Love the whole sweet spicy thing 🙂

  2. Mom

    Child of mine…what will I do with you? That’s it…Bunny Cake for your birthday…

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