Informational: Hot Dogs Nationwide

I love hot dogs. All kinds! My favorite happens to be a Midwest/Colorado (very popular there) specialty – chili (no beans); goopy, gloppy, orangey fake cheese; and ketchup. Seconded by the Chicago Dawg, thirded by the so-called Kansas City Dog (sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese) and probably fourth by Corn Dogs. Yummy! Personally though given any of these choices I’d probably go for a Brat – that’s just my German heritage showing through I guess.

Anyway, earlier this last year Serious Eats posted about hot dogs from around the country. And I learned a lot I didn’t really know about all the various styles. Like how much hot dogs vary from one side of the country to the other! I really had no idea. Granted they left off lots that should have made the list (and got the cheese all wrong on the Midwest Chili Cheese, obviously) but the pictures leave you hungry for more!


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