About Me: Kitchen Tools

There’s been a lot of talk of kitchen tools you can’t live without…simple and the not so simple really. So I’ve been sitting here thinking of the ones I own that I just can’t do without…what about you? What can’t you do without?

(keep in mind we all can do without tools but this is more a list of the items you don’t really feel like doing without)

  • My silicon baking sheet – If I’m making something on a baking sheet/cookie sheet this is down no matter what. Its like permanent parchment paper. It cleans up so easily, nothing sticks and very little gets burned because of temperature issues!
  • My pizza stone – I have an old oven and this evens the temperature out so nicely on all my baking pans. I actually notice when I can’t or don’t use it while cooking, such a difference on the browning of foods.
  • My silicon rubber spatula spoon – I make scrambled eggs with this, scrap bowls of batters, mix, even the tops of pies/cakes/etc, and do almost everything with it. The perfect spoon in every way.
  • My vintage Pyrex mixing bowls with batter spouts – its Pyrex so automatically I have no problem putting them in the oven (if I want to help a yeast dough proof – its cold in my apartment), putting them in the microwave to melt something or even just putting them in the freezer for a bit. Temperature isn’t an issue. And the batter spouts are great for pouring. Not to mention these are large, wide bowls and hold everything I can whip up.
  • My mixer – previously it was my hand mixer but now that I have a shiny new Kitchen Aid stand mixer I’m sure that will move into its spot. There are just some fantastic recipes you can’t make without one of these, hand or stand. Period. Like cake. Yummy!
  • My rice cooker – I couldn’t have rice if I didn’t have one. Why? I can’t make rice on the stovetop. Tastes awful. I’m terrible at it.
  • My kitchen shears – so much easier than using a knife on chicken or herbs. Cuts everything and then some.

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