News: I have a new modem!

Part of my internet woes were directly related to the fact that I had a very old cable modem. A modem that needed replaced ages ago but everyone kept trying to talk me out of it for some reason.

I refused to listen – during tests my upload speeds were usually around 20/25 kbps. No joke. That’s why there is a decided lack of pictures on here, or just small ones. It was just refusing to work any longer (earlier this year it was around 500 kbps). So I broke down and bought a Motorola SURFboard Wireless Cable Modem Gateway as the reviews for this on Amazon were better than any of the other combos and I didn’t yet have a wireless router and I’m planning on buying a new laptop next month.

Anyway I got it this morning, its working beautifully and its FAST! Uploads around 1500 kbps in case you were wondering – it took me about 3 minutes to upload 18 full size images of cookbook pages, whereas that would have taken HOURS before. And you wondered why I was slacking! I didn’t want to!

Well now I have plenty of power and connection behind me. I’m good to go…and will be hitting the ground running late tomorrow with LOTS of backed-up stuff.


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