About Me: My food related Christmas gifts

Guess what I got from my mother and stepfather for Christmas?


Yup. I *LOVES* this! I’ve wanted one for years! I’ve only ever owned a hand mixer and was about ready to replace it. Now I still might, but its not urgent (as a hand mixer is handy to have sometimes). Coolest parents ever. Ever I tell you!!

The first thing I hope to make in it, I hope, will be homemade marshmallows…I’ve just always wanted to make them and never have since the beating time is so significant. Not to mention the “candy” aspect of it – I usually have a hard time making candy so we shall see if my efforts pay off. But since I broke my last candy thermometer and haven’t bothered to replace it yet marshmallows may wait and I may just make cookies or something just to use this!

Besides that I got several cookbooks (including Martha Stewart’s Cooking School and Savoring the Seasons of the Northern Heartland) , measuring cups (all the odd sizes too like 2/3 cup, 1/2 tablespoon, smidge, etc.), a cookbook folding stand (to hold books open and propped while cooking) and a few other odds and ends.

As for foodie related gifts I gave my sister and my mom bento sets – which I failed at taking pictures of apparently! Oh well. My sister got a Baby Zoo set much like mine: pink box, yellow box (both 500 ml), brown band and a non-Baby Zoo lunch bag (one which is no longer offered on Ichiban Kan’s website – where I bought all of this). My mom got a green Natural set like in the picture below – green sandwich box, green oval 2 tier box, green bands and the matching green bag.


They both got condiment containers (the top set of divided boxes) –


and a set of silverware purchased from a local camping store – as they hook together, are small enough to fit within bento boxes, are made of metal and include a knife. My favorite set, and the one I use almost everyday, is a backpacking/camping set (link).

They both told me they really liked the gifts (they are both a lot like me and enviro-monsters)…maybe I can hook them even further than I already have!


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