Bento #86: Random Japanese Foods

PhotobucketThis bento tasted good but was a slight failure. I should have had slightly more foresight as I wanted to have sushi tuna in my box (after seeing how little the other 2 “salads” filled the box)…it was frozen into a solid lump however. So I attempted to thaw it in the microwave. Oops. It was supposed to go just long enough to loosen the slices (as it had plenty of time to thaw before eating), I wasn’t paying attention and let it go slightly too long, browning the edges. Sigh. But no ill effects in the end.

On the left I have seaweed salad, the tuna in question, and squid salad. On the right is Rice with Katsuo Fumi furikake (bonito & sesame seeds furikake). And on the far right is Milk flavored Pocky. Yummy!

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