About Me: My Food Habits

I eat strange things for this area of the country. Yeah, I really do. I’m not a steak and potatoes girl I’m afraid.

I was born in Nebraska but moved to Colorado when I was only 3 months old. I lived in the Denver metro area until I was 5 years old and then my parents moved us to a small town in the mountains where I lived until I was 14 and ready to start high school. That was when they moved us to a small farming community in Northeast Nebraska. A place full of steak and potato people. It was then I realized I had an unusual childhood living in Colorado like I did.

Some of the various things I have eaten (certainly there are more and this is just a small sample) include bear, buffalo (WAY before it was trendy – a bar I am beyond familiar with), beaver, antelope, alligator, frog, turtle, various snakes, ostrich, elk, deer (of course), crickets, grasshoppers, squirrel, and chipmunk. That’s just the meats. There are loads of recipes I enjoy that weren’t common knowledge until the internet took over. Like Green Chili for instance, something I have yet to post on here but should.

Recently I ordered from Juniper Ridge some of my favorites from my childhood – sweetgrass incense and Douglas Fir tree tea. The incense just reminds me of Colorado as sweetgrass grows there too, and gets burned as an incense in many a store and home. Now as for the tea I used to wander up into the mountains and pick Douglas Fir needles for this very purpose (oh and to weave baskets). Don’t let the site lie to you – it tastes pretty much like how it smells. But if you want to get in the Christmas mood, nothing is better! So sitting in my piles of Christmas gifts are boxes for my mother and sister as well, to remind them of home. I hope they enjoy it!

(P.S. I already told them about them, so they just have to wait in anticipation for them!)


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