Meme: This or That

Rock or rap? Rock
Snake or lizard? lizard
Make-up or no make-up? Make-up
Shirt or pants? Shirt
Italy or Germany? Germany – I’d love to see where my family is from
Chewy or crunchy? Chewy

Saving or spending? Saving to spend
sit-ups or push-ups? Sit-ups…can barely do push-ups
Slide or swings? Swings!!
Fake eyelashes or hair extensions? Neither but hair I guess
Converse or DC? Converse
Stars or hearts? Stars
Gum or breath mints? Gum
Hot blooded or cold feeling? COLD!!
Movies or books? Both…they both create such worlds of imagination
White House or Tahj Mahal? Tahj Mahal is just amazingly beautiful!
Picking or scratching? Scratching 😉
Fingers or toes? Fingers – hands do amazing things
Heart or soul? Soul is your heart
Times Square or Hollywood? Never been to either so both
Cussing or swearing? Swearing
Shattered or broken? Shattered, broken can be always fixed
Goofy or Mickey Mouse? Mickey of course!
Power or love? Love is power…and so much better than by force.
Tiger or panda? Panda…they are so cute!!
Public schools or private schools? Whatever helps that particular kid
Uniforms or no uniforms? Uniforms, takes out the differences (kinda)
Library or dentist office? Library, I want a whole room filled from top to bottom with books
Snarky or braggadocious? Braggadocious cuz its such a cool word
Obeying or disobeying? Disobeying when its appropriate
Relaxing or livin’ it up? Relaxing
Fire or water? Fire
Earth or air? Earth
Plane or ship? Ship
Car or train? Train
Battle or war? Battle
Coffin or casket? Casket but gross…worm food
Army or Navy? Navy…its what my family mostly joins
SWAT team or police? Police
Mortal or immortal? Immortal
Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn? Tom Sawyer
Bubble wrap or syran wrap? Bubble wrap!!!
Trapped in a car or trapped in an elevator? Elevator
Northern or southern? Northern
Sushi or pasta? Sushi of course!!
Cold pizza or warm pizza? Cold…yummy
Weapons or physical strength? Physical strength, you only hide behind weapons
Offense or defense? A good offense has no need for defense
Karate or Tae Kwon Do? Either…don’t know enough about either one
Hat or tie? Hat
Bone or cartilage? Cartilage
Blinds or curtains? Curtains…much warmer and darker
Dinner or supper? Dinner
Water bottle or drinking glass? Drinking glass
Square table or round table? square
Sleep walking or sleep talking? I talk in my sleep
Camera or video camera? Camera
Melted gold or solid gold? Solid gold
5-year-old or 13-year-old? ugh…neither
Pass or fail? Pass
Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent? Innocent until guilty
Study days before a test or at last minute? I was always a crammer
Busy or lazy? Busy
Dynamite or dynamite with a laser beam? Laser beam!!
TNT or Back in Black? Back in Black
Llama or monkey? Llama…sweet creatures
Passion or obsession? Passion, there’s no point in life without it
Evil or demonic? Evil is fun, demonic you’re screwed
Creation or destruction? Create
Comfortable or uncomfortable? Comfortable
Hiding or seeking? Seeking
Would you rather hide in a garbage bin or under a trailer? Bin
Sleeping or dreaming? Sleeping…my dreams keep me tired
Day dreaming or reality? Reality


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