Exploring Cookbooks: 1953 Encyclopedia of Cooking – Sandwich

I honestly don’t know where my mom found this small set (I only have 4 of the 24 so far) but I got them as a gift from her. Maybe in the future I’ll get to post more, if I find them. For now this is the first and over the next 3 weeks I will post the remaining bits of my SMALL set.

Some of these sandwiches and fillings are just dreadful and really a bad idea! Some of these, however, are pretty good and I think worth a shot. I do have my new bento sandwich boxes too, perhaps I need to take those out for a spin again!


Look at how colorful this is! Book measures 6 by 8 1/2 inches and has 48 pages.


Encyclopedia of Cooking in 24 volumes – and title page indicating its from the Culinary Arts Institute.


A selection of the table of contents as well recipes for bread: Banana Bran Nut Bread, Buns, Butterscotch Bread, Chocolate Bread, and Caramel Fig Bread.


Various sandwich fillings including some form of cheese (american cheese, cream cheese, and cottage cheese) mixed with something else, like anchovies or radish. Yuck!


Hot sandwiches: Domino, Hot Mushroom, Sardine Fingers, Chili Rolls, Pinwheels, Cornucopia teasers, Lily, and Bacon Cheese Rolls.


Frosted Sandwich Loaf and Frosted Party Special. FROSTED sandwiches?! WTH?


Various closed sandwiches: Baked Bean; Garden Salad; Man’s Delight; Deviled Egg and Swiss Cheese; Cream Cheese and Peanut; Tasty Cheese and Vegetable; Ham, Egg and Mushroom; Liver Sausage; Savory Vegetable Veal; Sliced Veal; canned Meat; Roast Lamb.


More closed sandwiches: Corned Beef; Tongue; Ham and Tomato; Roast Pork; Ham and Prune; Sliced Turkey; Chicken and Pineapple; Chicken Sandwiches de Luxe; Sliced Chicken; Jack Horner.


Salmon Sandwich de Luxe; Hot Sardine; Shrimp and Liederkranz; Chicken Curry; Royal Chicken; Open Savory Cheese; Hamburger Cheese Buns; Waffle; Ham Rolls.

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  1. Doris

    I have come across a copy of this cook book. Can you tell me if it is worth any thing besides a lot of good receipes?


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