About Me: Salt Cellar

Have you ever heard of a salt cellar? No? I’m not surprised. Every time I talk about mine I will usually get a blank stare in return. This is mine (its from the 1940s):


Salt cellars are basically small bowls or containers, with lids, to hold salt. Frequently they are misidentified as powder/vanity/bathroom containers at thrift stores & estate sales. They fell out of general use in the 1950s but really they are so much easier to control than salt from a shaker. Luckily they are coming back in popularity as foodies catch on to the various different types of salt available on the market. Its a very convienent place to store them. Mine *always* holds kosher sea salt. Why? That’s what I use to cook with and what I like to serve to accompany plated food. The specialty salts have their own spice containers next to my herbs & spices. As such mine lives on the table…its just too pretty to leave languishing on the stove or hidden in the kitchen. Don’t ask for a salt shaker at my place!


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