Links: A few to pass along

Just a few things I’ve stumbled over (or “upon”…) and wanted to share.

Wikibooks: Cookbook

Family Oven – recipe site

Aunt Enna’s Cookbook – pictures of an actual recipe notebook from the 1940s and 50s

Library of Congress’ Flickr photostream – do a search on kitchen or food…some neat full size pictures from the 1930s and 40s (and a few earlier) come up. Did you know they also have a blog?

Making coasters from old magazinesAnthropologie just opened a brick and mortar store here a couple weeks ago…and they want $18 for their set. I know I can make them cheaper…so this is my next project. If it fails I guess I will just go buy them…I like them too much and really need a set of coasters to protect my new-to-me painted 1950s coffee table.

Acme labelmaker – just cause I love that I can make Dymo labels online as graphics. So not food related…but who cares??

Alaskan Jelly/Jams – I’ve had these before but they were recently featured on Lunch in a Box

Quail Egg shapers – at – I just think these are totally neat and I’m tempted…so so tempted since finding quail eggs here isn’t that hard…and making them cute would just be too much fun…

Lunch Bag Art – a new work of art on a lunch bag everyday…takes Bento to a whole different level!


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