Purchase: Ichiban Kan Order #6

Yup…sigh. Just a small order this time. Mostly I needed plastic storage for leftovers and sidecars for bento. I got tired of using plastic zippy bags, not to mention the expense and the waste…I bought a few other bento items while I was at it.


More silicon food cups – large & mini. I figured only having 3 or 4 of each wasn’t enough so I bought them just in case. Also got the furikake monkey that I wanted last time but couldn’t decide on whether or not I really wanted it. Its cute, but don’t know if I will use it much. I was thinking it would be very very handy for cinnamon and sugar when I bring jasmine rice (I love eating hot jasmine rice sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for dessert – it smells and tastes SOO good). And since I’m tired of using boring old fake green grass for food dividers I bought 2 different types – lacey and what they said was traditional Japanese. And just so I had the right size for some items I bought large aluminum cupcake “papers”. Should be good for that freezer stash. And last but not least a vegetable slicer/shredder. I don’t have one, its come up and wanted to just get a cheap one instead of shelling out big bucks.


I really like these. I mean I really like them. They are just the right shape for food storage, don’t retain any smells, are easy to clean and the lids are (almost always) tightly closed. So I bought a couple different ones to see what I might like.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Extra-tight Food Container W – holds 1.3 liters
Extra-tight Food Container J – 2 boxes – holds 340 ml each
Extra-tight Food Container V – 2 boxes – holds 450 ml each
Extra-tight Food Container O – 2 boxes but I bought 2 sets – holds 250 ml each
Extra-tight Food Container E – 3 boxes but I bought 2 sets – holds 180 ml each


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