Exploring Cookbooks: 1906 Boston Cooking School Cookbook – Part 1

This is my newest acquisition. My pride and joy at the moment. Now I’m not sure it is a 1906 edition as there is no copyright page within the book. Nothing with a date at all. But it does fit with the page design for this edition and I trust the bookstore that sold it to me, they are that good at identifying books. I apologize for the quality of some of the pictures but Photobucket is acting up and I can’t correct them (I didn’t notice until after I had uploaded them).


Book measures 7 1/2 by 5 inches and its an inch and a half thick.


Photos of measuring cups and other cooking elements and a short description on the science behind “Cookery”.


How to measure, how to mix ingredients, various ways of preserving food and a table of measures by weight…which will come in very handy on some of my old recipes.


Cream Scones, Baking Powder Biscuits I, Baking Powder Biscuit II, Emergency Biscuit, Fruit Rolls, and Twin Mountain Muffins.


The page of strange concoctions. Tripe a la Creole; Tripe a la Provencale; Calf’s Head a la Terrapin; Calves’ Tongues; Calves’ Tongues, Sauce Piquante; Calf’s Heart, Stuffed Hearts with Vegetables; and Braised Ox Joints.


Scalloped Eggplant, Green, Boiled Beet Greens, Dandelions (haven’t had these in ages!), Lettuce, Leeks on Toast, Onions, Boiled Onions, Onions in Cream and Scalloped Onions.


Shadow Potatoes (Saratoga Chips a.k.a. potato chips), Shredded Potatoes, Lattice Potatoes, Potato Nests, French Fried Potatoes, O’Brion Potatoes, Potato Marbles, Fried Potato Balls, and Somerset Style Potatoes.


Egg Salad I (or Deviled Eggs I guess), Egg Salad II (ditto I think), Lenten Salad, Crackers & Cheese, Cottage Cheese I, Cottage Cheese II, Cheese Salad, Neufchatel Salad I, Neufchatel Salad II, Cheese & Olive Salad, Cheese & Currant Salad, East India Salad.


Hot Puddings: Rice Pudding, Poor Man’s Pudding (which has more ingredients than the Rice), Indian Pudding, Cerealine Pudding, Newton Tapioca, Apple Tapioca, Tapioca Custard Pudding and Peach Tapioca. I was intrigued by the Cerealine Pudding, see my results here.


Pictures of Fruit Baskets and Lemon Tartlets. Recipes for Banbury Tarts, Cheese Cakes, and Cheese Straws. The Cheese Cakes recipe also intrigued me, see my results here.


Sandwiches, all of them. Almost all of them start are the same: butter some bread and then layer the ingredient within. Lettuce, Egg, Sardine, Sliced Ham, Chopped Ham, Anchovy, Chicken, Lobster, Lobster a la Boulevard, Oyster, Nut & Cheese, Cheese & Anchovy and Windsor.


More sandwiches. Club, Ginger, Fruit, Brown Bread, Noisette (strange concoction this one), Colonial, German, Russian, Jelly, Cheese Wafers, Canapes, and Cheese Canapes I.

Part 2. It highlights the remaining sections in this book including the ads in the very back.



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4 responses to “Exploring Cookbooks: 1906 Boston Cooking School Cookbook – Part 1

  1. I’ve found this cookbook, in a Thrift Store, today. This is the Seventh Edition published in 1941. I’m glad someone else is sharing the same love as me for vintage cookbooks.

  2. Recieved a 1929 copy of a Good Housekeeping cookbook. I was in awe! So excited I had to share it with my readers too on Eye On Life Magazine (not here at wordpress). Was actually searching for some photos of Indian Pudding when I came across this. I’m with Helen, so glad to see others sharing the same love for vintage cookbooks.

  3. Dorothea

    I have exactly the same edition of The Boston Cooking School Cookbook. I believe it is the 1906 edition. I compared it with an online copy identified as the 1896 edition and it IS different, however the names and dates of each owner is on the front (or second) paper, the earliest being in 1908. My copy is dilapidated and time-worn and has three pages missing. I would love to have photocopies of the missing pages.

  4. Mel G

    I purchased this exact book yesterday. It has a copyright page inside with a date of 1918 being the most recent. Just thought I would share. I am very excited about it.

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