Organization: Condiment Storage

I know a bunch of other bento-ers do this. Its not new. Of course Biggie suggests doing this. I’m just showing you what I finally broke down and did.


I was tired of always trying to fill condiment containers at the last second, or even worse, forgetting to do it entirely (or more often just being lazy and assuming I could scrounge some up at work). Its not pretty and people there usually order take out so there usually isn’t much laying around. So I finally broke down and filled more than just fish containers with soy sauce (the only ones beside Tabasco sauce I was pre-filling before).

So let me fill you in on the details in the above photo. These are the base condiments I use on most of my food…anything else I will just have to remember to pack it special. On the top left are lots of little fishes of soy sauce. I make a lot of sushi and these are a real pain to fill. Any fish you ever see in a bento is soy sauce, I dedicated it solely so I wouldn’t forget. Just below those you have 2 little bottles of Tabasco. They come in darn handy but I had lost them in the fridge a couple months back. Cleaning the fridge allowed me to find them again…how novel! đŸ˜‰ Below them are pink square bottles holding rice vinegar and below those are bottles with balsamic vinegar.

In the center you have tiny food containers I bought from Ichiban Kan. The rectangular ones hold 100 ml and the little round ones only 70 ml. Not really big enough to hold anything unless its in a bento box, and I’d rather use silicon cups or dividers. So even though I bought them months ago I never had any idea what to do with them. Til now. The top 2 rectangular ones have butter and strawberry preserves. The bottom rectangle is empty (figured it was better off stored here when I needed it), the center round container has plain yellow mustard in it. The round ones on the right have ketchup and mayo in them. Above those are my salt & pepper shaker (I have been constantly forgetting it in one bag or the other) and a small bottle (originally ketchup which I bought in the deli section at the grocery store) of maple syrup. Better to have too much of any of these than not enough.

I decided to store them all in a small plastic box in the fridge, even the shelf stable ones. I figured if I put them all together, less chance of losing them, and a better chance of grabbing the one I need when I need it. We shall see in the long term I guess. But so far this has been working great. I haven’t forgotten a thing! Well…not yet anyway. Its bound to happen sooner or later.


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  1. I think keeping empty containers in the fridge with the filled ones is brilliant – think of the time you’ll save when you need to find one!

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