New: Ichiban Kan Order #5

Yup…another order. Every time I order from them I’m dropping at least 40 bucks…I gotta stop this…too many pretties!!

Great shipping, packaged well…blah, blah, blah. If you’ve ordered from them you know this, if not read my past posts on it as nothing has changed. Anyway on to the best part…the goodies!

In this order I bought a few Christmas presents. Yeah, already. I know. But I was buying so I figured I better buy all the cool stuff I wanted now in case they weren’t in stock in Nov/Dec (and some of these have already been taken off their website!). Needless to say I am leaving some of it out of the pictures as my mother and sister read my blog and we can’t have them snooping…

Up first is a new bento box set – Baby Zoo. I bought it mostly because I thought it was cute but also because its 550 ml per box. That’s plenty of room for a lot of food when I actually need something like this. Plus the sayings are weird but made me laugh – on the yellow: “I will play and laugh very much! I will eat and sing very much! Today is never back again. Today becomes the valuable memory for me.” And on the pink: “The friend is a treasure of the life! The smile of the friends becomes my smile. The people of the around us let us smile, too.” Gotta love that English…and all the extra punctuation! Me in a nutshell!

Then there’s the brown band for the set (a nifty band I must say, just like my Men’s set – it has velcro and a latch holding it in place).  Next to those are 3 sandwich boxes, collapsible – the pink one has a bottom compartment for extra food. Cool eh? Been wanting one of these for a long time so I guess I’m having sandwiches this week! And finally the pink band for the pink box and a Clickety Click spoon to go with the fork I already have.


Up next are the sectioned mayo cups (hard to see under the stickers I’m afraid) as well as a mayo cup penguin (the second is for a coworker). I’m really excited to use both of these! We shall see how practical they are. So here they are all opened up (the pinky/red one has 3 sections):


There’s a Spam musubi mold in the yellow there. Looking forward to making this with an actual mold. The modified Spam tin never works out well. I’ve honestly never had it, but I know I will like it as I like all the ingredients separate and I can’t imagine they would be bad together. Besides…times are tough, time to economize on food and you can’t much cheaper than Spam and rice! Of course some silicon cups, regular size and mini size. Something else I am excited about as now I can get silicon cups into my bottom tiers!


Two more lunch bags…gotta a weakness for them I’m afraid. Their compadre (my brown one) is my “go to” bag, so I figured I better have a few more just in case. The heart bag is actually pretty cool and I think my next order I am going to have to order one – this one was bought for a co-worker who just fell in love with it.


And last but not least are 2 (CHEAP) Christmas gifts for my nephews. The sword is going to 6 year old Ethan (who just turned 6 on October 13) and the letters to almost 1 year old Tristan (his birthday is October 24). Eh. They don’t read blogs so their gifts get shown off here! LOL



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