Links: Random Food Links

I’ve been meaning to pass along some of these links for quite some time. They just piled up in my email box…and well I’m doing some electronic (as well as actual) “spring” cleaning this week. If all goes as planned you should be hit with a bunch of posts the next couple of days…all in an effort to clean up some of my mess – which I have more than enough of. I hope I’ll be posting something about organizing your kitchen too but ya know that depends seriously on whether I get it done! 🙂

Some of these links you may know, some may be new to you. Either way enjoy!

Tastespotting – Food porn at its finest!
PhotograzingSerious Eats‘ version of Tastespotting
Sushi Go Round – online game where you run a sushi joint. Nice way to waste some time.
Ben & Jerry’s Flavor or MySpace Band? Quiz – again another way to waste time
The American Cookbook Project – neat little cookbook website full of great recipes
Joy of Baking – some really great recipes
Cookie Madness – some more really great recipes…but the best kind – COOKIES!

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