Bento #73: Mini Burgers & Corn Muffins

PhotobucketI went to the store the other day and they had 6 oz clamshells of raspberries for a $1 each! Needless to say I bought 10 of them. Now what do I do with them besides stuff them in a bento?? They are raspberries I need to make them count!

I also got to include my favorite food in the world (besides sushi of course): acorn squash. My mother tells me that she used to feed me squash as a baby for DESSERT! I still love it that much!

Raspberries in the side car

Mushrooms, mini corn muffins and peas

Mashed acorn squash and mini hamburgers



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2 responses to “Bento #73: Mini Burgers & Corn Muffins

  1. What else SHOULD you do with raspberry windall but to shove great handfuls into your mouth while giggling!

  2. karmatir

    LOL…so very right!!!

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