Purchase: Bento Salt and Pepper Shaker

So I found these little guys (bought one for a co-worker who’s been complaining) at Cost Plus World Market for 99 cents. I have no idea where you can find them online as I Googled them a couple different ways and didn’t find them. But perfect for bento, yes?? The lid on the top interlocks to close so its extremely secure.




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3 responses to “Purchase: Bento Salt and Pepper Shaker

  1. adrienne

    Oh man, this is EXACTLY what I have been searching for. What section in Cost Plus had them? It’s absolutely perfect. If I can’t find it at my cost plus, would you consider mailing a couple to me? (Of course for compensation!)

  2. adrienne

    Oh, by the way, I am in Washington. And this second email is the better way to contact me. I tried googling “pocket size salt and pepper shaker” with no luck either. Hm…

  3. karmatir

    I found them near the other kitchen gadgets and little items (like the wooden spoons, etc.) Otherwise I wish I could help you but I can’t I left only 2 on the shelf when I bought mine and that was last Sunday…I’m sure they are gone by now. I’m really sorry! I got a chance to use mine last night for the first time and it really is a very cool salt and pepper shaker. Everyone should own one!

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