My Apartment: My Mattress in a Box

Yeah, yeah…this is a food blog. But guess what? Its MY blog, therefore MY rules. I got a new bed and it was too cool not to share!!


That is a box with a queen size innerspring mattress inside, its completely vacuum sealed (think Space Bags) and it fit in the back seat of my Plymouth Neon very easily. To give you a better idea of what happened once I opened it up I found this video on YouTube. Ignore the cheesy porno music in the background…lol. If you’d rather I also found a professional video as well.


Seriously the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. No really. And no delivery charge (since I don’t own a truck). Its really an amazing bed…which brings me to my “frame”. This is it (its by Smart Base):


It is steel and I have since heard they discontinued them due to the high cost of steel at this time; you can’t find them anywhere. But if you find one it is a good buy. It can hold up to 2,400 pounds but only weighs 45 pounds! And you never need another box spring or frame! Okay…I’m in love with my bed, frame and mattress!

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