Exploring Cookbooks: 2001 – Gallery of Regrettable Food

Ok not a cookbook – well kinda. Its a humorous approach on everything I love about old cookbooks. Ok most of his stuff can be found on his website Gallery of Regrettable Food. But its fun…I promise. All he does is poke fun at the images and recipes of yesteryear…not too shabby really. A couple of times he really isn’t funny or crosses the line, but mostly he’s entertaining.



Table of Contents…boring I know…but look at all he makes fun of (and how long the book is!)


Balls on picks and aspic…yeah really. Gross. My least favorite foods in those old cookbooks.


So he makes total fun of cooking with 7-up (soda) but I have a really good, from scratch, pancake recipe involving 7-up…no really. I’ll make some this weekend and post it.


All about how A-1 (steak sauce) can help you get and keep a man!!


Molded loaves of food…gross…GROSS…GROSS!!! Everything I hate about family gatherings when I was a kid.


So I highlighted this page for the simple reason I already made fun of this cookbook on my blog!! Yikes!!


Sardines smothered in something. Yuck!


Don’t the Deviled Onions look frightening?? I wonder what they taste like??


All about the joys of toast. Yeah TOAST. The stuff I eat for breakfast most mornings. Whatever. The obsession then makes it easy for my mom to find toasters to collect now – yes she collects vintage kitchenware. Has like 5 toasters for SOME REASON.

And the best part of the whole book: all about the author! READ IT!!


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