Bento #68: Fish Cake & Apples

Photobucket Fish cake (recipe to be posted tomorrow) and mashed potato with tarragon and butter. Not a lot of veggies I know. But on the side I brought this:


Those are apple slices. Since I happen to own a Reynolds Handi Vac I vacuum sealed these guys to take along. The best part is the bag is totally reusable until the seals breaks down so my sliced apples have been living in this all week – and NOT turning brown!



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3 responses to “Bento #68: Fish Cake & Apples

  1. wow…so it’s worth buying those bag..hehe

  2. Katie

    How in the world do you get yours to stay vaccumed? Mine always stay sealed at the top but somehow loose the vaccum inside.

  3. karmatir

    Hmmm…I’ve had that a couple of times, usually its the bag. I dunno. I don’t fill them as much as it says you can (about half as much usually) and I vacuum it considerably more than what it says to. I also only open and reuse a bag 2 or 3 times tops – in the case of meat (which is what I mostly use it for) I only use them once. I have no idea if any of that helps but they stay vacuumed and I haven’t had freezer burn in ages!

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