Purchase: Absinthe Robette Print

I just bought this print for my kitchen (it was on sale and I was buying a new print for my living room). It happens to be one of my favorites…art deco, vintage and absinthe. The anise flavored drink is again allowed to be produced in the USA but I STILL haven’t tried it. Its $50 or more a bottle and I have no idea if I will like it, that’s what’s stopping me. But I’ve been in love with it since I read about all the great Victorian poets and writers who loved it (most notably Poe) and it is anise flavored, and I *love* anise. Soon I hope. Maybe I will make it a Christmas present to myself…

But pretty nifty print eh?? Perfect for my kitchen.

Absinthe Robette by Privat Livemont
Absinthe Robette

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