Exploring Cookbooks: 1830 American Frugal Housewife

Ok not really. Kinda of. This book is actually Old Sturbridge Village Cookbook by Caroline Sloat (Editor) – edition 2 released in 1995. The third edition is going to be out in January. But the majority of this book is based on the 1830 edition of the American Frugal Housewife (an e-book of the original). The difference is that this cookbook includes the modern methods needed to reproduce those wonderful old recipes!



A few traditional menus. Not bad. Just a little different than our modern tastes.


Some come foods and average meals made. Not too bad really.


Some basic vegetable recipes.


The various soups covered in the chapter…not many which I find interesting.


Various methods for using herbs


Sugarless puddings for the most part. Interesting but I’m not sure if I really want to make any.


Pies. Yummy. My specialty. No, really they are! I like making pies. And some of these hold a lot of promise.


Cake. Dude. Enough said.


Basic bread recipes. Nothing fancy here. Not in the least.


Preserves. Which are quoted as being ” unhealthy, and useless to those who are well.” Dude. I love my strawberry preserves! And cranberry sauce and ketchup (which are in this section)…my how times change.


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