News: Cooking Guide for Nintendo DS

So far I have not to written about this “game” though I have known about it for awhile. Mostly because it doesn’t come out until November 24 (for the moment, they may move the release date, they have with other games).

Its a portable cooking guide and cookbook. You will be able to control it via voice as well as from the device itself. And its supposed to have handy shopping lists and the ability for you to pull up recipes based on the ingredients you already have.

A good friend of mine (thanks Michael!) has the Japanese version and I have seen it first hand. If the American version includes recipes for stuff we might actually eat (and not just random recipes from the world over) this will be one AMAZING reason to buy a DS! Since I am already a DS junkie:

Photobucket Image Hosting

– I added the rhinestones and stickers myself – I am definitely going to be buying this game. I just hope it lives up to the hype. Either way, its going to end up reviewed here for all you foodies. So watch for that…in November or December!


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