My Apartment: A Short Tour of my Living Room

I adore my living room. I worked real hard to make sure it said ME. Similar colors as my kitchen and bedroom, see? It makes moving furniture and accessories around really easy. The only thing to remember is I can’t paint. Against my lease. But that’s ok. I like this off-white color anyhow and it matches beautifully!

This is the view as you enter the front door (and turn to the left).

The couch is brand new. I just bought it a couple weeks ago. I *love* the boldness of it. Above the couch you will find a selection of my postcard collection. I’d like to get more of them up but I need to actually sort them first (I have about 500 in my collection). And buy frames (basic 16″ by 20″ frames backed with kraft paper).

Each of the end tables holds a vintage lamp and some special books (art on one, religious on the other). I need to replace both shades but haven’t decided on what I like yet. I’m so picky when it comes to lamps! It took me years to commit to these! The coffee table is actually an old trunk I found at a thrift store. I hemmed a piece of brown brocade to put on top and this is where I store all my Buddhist items (book, candle, statue). Inside the trunk is my Cabbage Patch Kids collection. I don’t know what else to do with them but don’t want to get rid of them! I collected for a number of years and still love them.


To the left of the couch is my Office Depot bookcase special. I wanted a sturdy one to actually hold LOTS of books. An office one is the only one that works. Overflow of books are sitting on top of my computer armoire in the corner there on the right.

The 1960s (I think) chairs are from a local furniture store/conglomerate (tags were still on the bottom and can be dated based on the address) – Nebraska Furniture Mart. The same place the couch came from. And where most of Omaha buys their furniture and electronics. Me included. Their website, by the way, has a killer room planner tool if you need one. Chairs were only $5 each at a thrift store and have amazing off white velvet on the seats. Like brand new. I just painted them black to match all of my other furniture and to update them.

The other side of the room. Your basic old TV, DVD player, DVR cable box and DVDs I never watch (have the DVR…of course). All that is sitting on my old coffee table. It was too high and too big for my room but makes a great TV console table. Next to that is the cat tree that my cats just love. An awkward door to a LARGE walk-in closet. I love the storage. Hate the door. On the downstairs apartments this would be where their front door is. I wish I had that.

My bar is near my windows underneath some handmade grass woven bags my aunt brought me from Africa – the colorful stripey one anyway. I found the other at the thrift store and I KNOW based on how its made it too came from Africa at some point. They store cat toys. Gotta keep them somewhere! The windows are incredibly drafty in the winter and very bright in the summer (east facing) so I have to have heavy curtains to keep the interior temperature stable. Usually I don’t tie the sheers back, unless I need the A/C.


The doorway into my kitchen complete with a capiz shell curtain. One of my favorite features actually! You’ll see tucked into the corner there my TV tray. I took down my 1930s kitchen table when I bought the new couch. Previously the table was behind the couch as kind of a console but the room got too crowded with the new couch – its much bigger than my old one – so it had to go into storage. The chair on the far right is what’s left of the set so I can sit at my computer comfortably.

What I hate is the industrial carpeting on the floor. Underneath it are the same beautiful wood floors as what I have in my bedroom. My landlord won’t let me ripe it up. Sigh.


This is my amazing china hutch! It’s solid wood, 1950s, I’m guessing. Has a furniture makers mark in the top drawer saying “Distinctive Furniture by Stanley” – a company I know nothing about but apparently still exists.

I replaced the drawer pulls with something cleaner and more modern, but tried to keep the vintage feel of it. The pulls on it were HIDEOUSLY UGLY. I mean really ugly. Original for the piece but SO not my style, and it made it look incredibly dated.


And the entire piece really needs a good waxing. Its on my to do list. No really it is. Otherwise its in perfect shape. Now how much for this mid-century beauty?? $25 at a thrift store. And since I bought it in April of 2007 inflation hasn’t influenced the price of my bargain yet!

Inside you find left overs from my mother’s Ebay business. Either things she found that she didn’t sell, couldn’t sell or didn’t want to sell. And a few things I found on my own. Everything in the cabinet except the goblets on the center shelf and the cake dome are vintage pieces. Some 30s, some 40s and some 50s. The goblets are my wedding crystal. Mikasa. And I never got a chance to use them. Sad, huh? I love Peach Luster Laurel Leaf Fire King (all the shiny peachy colored stuff), cant you tell?

The top is a mess right now. Those happen to be my scrapbook albums. I rearranged my books but left those there until I decide to store them, get rid of them or take the hobby up again. I don’t know yet which.

In total the room measures 12′ 3″ by 18′ 10″ – which is not too shabby, unless you try to make this a study/computer room/tv room/living room/dining room like I have done in the past. Further there are only 2 outlets you can plug everything into, making it hard to arrange electronics. But I still love it!

What do you think??

Up next: my hall & bathroom…



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4 responses to “My Apartment: A Short Tour of my Living Room

  1. Thank you vary much for Information.. I think it excellent +10

  2. I was linked to your web page when doing a search for Stanley Furniture. I too have a china cabinet with the marking you describe. My piece is a bit smaller, it has the same glass display area the bottom is arrange differently but is obvious it is designed in the same era and possibly by the same design team. Have you had any luck finding any farther information on your china cabinet? I really like mine yours is a steal at 25.oo My husband bought mine at a thrift shop also for 65.00. Today while we were browsing an antique shop we found my same cabinet, in very rough condition, selling for 800.00, the woman in the shop quoted mine worth 1800.00 in good condition. She even mentioned the burned mark in the drawer.

  3. karmatir

    I know nothing more about mine sadly. How fascinating!! Like anything we love though, doesn’t matter what it cost or how much its worth, only that its ours. 🙂

  4. living rooms should be decorated with style that is why i always get some living room decoration idea on the internet `:`

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