My Apartment: A Short Tour of my Hall & Bathroom

The final stop on this decorating trip. My hallway and bathroom. Not much to look at really.

This is just to the right of my front door. I keep my coats, all season for the most part, as well as sweaters, scarves and my shoes here. Yeah, could have straightened the shoes up, but why lie? They always look like that! I keep the sweaters out as I get cold at work (too many electronics so the A/C is way high even in winter!). Above the peg rack is a frame that I mounted corkboard into and stuck all my pins.


This is the other section of the hallway (to the left in the above photo of the coat rack). All are black and white photos with black or white mats in black frames. I took some of the photos, my mother took a few and I bought a few. I love the look.

Yup, on to the boring. I mean its a BATHROOM. But anyway I’ve got the gothic fairy/vintagey thing going on in here. I had to work off the tile already in place and love that this matches so well, and that its a theme I like. The fairy prints are actually postcards I bought a couple years ago at Hot Topic and are various prints by Amy Brown and Nene Thomas. They are just taped into Dollar Tree frames. I figured its a bathroom and if they get ruined I can replace them easily.

I’ve got an abalone shell sitting on the counter as I just love the colors and vintage mirror and brush sets on the rack above the toilet. The mirror on the far right belonged to my great-grandmother, the rest came from thrift stores. The center container (a vintage dresser jar) on the bottom shelf contains my hair ties. My cats can’t get to it there (unlike on my vanity).

Just some jars I picked up at Pier One to hold cotton balls, q-tips, etc. And my beautiful shower curtain that I made. The only problem?? That’s FEATHER trim and beads. I can’t wash it. And I sewed it on instead of using velcro. So stupid. Now I need to replace it but am not having any luck. Besides feathers in the bathroom was a bad idea. Really bad. I think I’m going to just make another one, whether I like it or not. But I don’t want to ditch my theme and haven’t found a black/purple shower curtain yet.

The opposite wall from the toilet. My only window is IN the shower enclosure. Stupid design if you ask me. I can see in the photo its time to wash my walls again. Gross. But with no air (and no vent fan!) in there it gets steamy easily and gathers on the walls. Bad bad design all around on this room.

Its small – only 7’10” by 4’10”. Not bad but not luxurious.

And that’s it. Just closets otherwise. And no one wants to see those. S-C-A-R-Y I tell you!!

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