My Apartment: A Short Tour of my Bedroom

I previously posted my kitchen, moving on to the bedroom now! Yeah, yeah I know its not food…but heck…why not?? I only have a one bedroom apartment and only have the 4 rooms (plus closets)…might as well show case them.


Say hello to my kitty Namaste on the bed. I tend to stick to the same color palette throughout my apartment: purple, red, browns, ivory and black.

The “headboard” is actually a pair of Waverly curtains hung on a small rod. I *LOVE* them. What you can’t see are the subtle stripes sewn in lengthwise on the set. I got them for a steal at Big Lots last year, much too plain (and not heavy enough) for my living room I hung them in the bedroom. The problem? They AMPLIFY sunlight! Seriously…and since that’s a west facing window I wasn’t getting ANY sleep during the day (I work nights). So after 3 days on the windows they came down and got shoved into a closet. Until I did this. I’d actually just make a headboard and cover it but I really do like them as curtains and think that this looks pretty good…and has potential later on when I move somewhere else.


I’m a Japanophile. And I love vintage, especially vintage advertising. So the left is a (reproduction) vintage travel poster to Japan and the right is a (reproduction) vintage theater advert for Madam Butterfly in Italian. I need to buy bulkier frames, but they are costly so the cheap ones will do for now. The board on the right is lined with skeleton keys – keys that belonged to homes once lived in by my maternal great-grandmother and grandmother. I inherited them and wanted to show them off.

I made the curtains out of tablecloths used at my wedding to my ex-husband. Lost the husband, kept the curtains. The dresser has belonged to me since I was a baby. It used to have this horrible fake wood grain printed on it and horrible gold handles. Didn’t match my style at all (never really did) so I redid it. Its been about 8 years now and I think I need to redo it again soon. The umbrella above is just a paper one bought at Hobby Lobby.


My beautiful vanity! I bought this for my birthday last year. Originally it was just sealed wood, but the wood had been damaged by water at some point. I could strip it. Or I could paint it. I choose to paint it black. But I left the row of inlaid wood down the front of the drawers, painting just the handles. The chair is another thrift store find that I covered in a Chinese silk brocade. On the wall above you have my decorative and vintage purses. The ones I really use are in the closet. To the left is an plate rack that I re-purposed (along with some thumbtacks) into a hat rack…I love hats.

Now as for the vanity itself I have a vanity tray on top, a powder box and silver bowl sit on top of it. In the powder box (actually like a large glass candy dish) is my everyday make-up and tools. The silver bowl holds my everyday jewelry. To the right is my jewelry box, mostly stuff I never wear and to the left is a vintage mirror and brush set my mother bought me. Framed pictures of my cats because I have no boyfriend at the moment – poor kitties lose out when I do have pictures for there.


My pathetic closet – its on the wall next to my bed. The shelf above holds all my jeans, shorts, work pants, etc. separated by type cuz I’m anal like that. The clothes on hangers are only sorted by work shirts on one side and season for the rest so that the current season is in the middle and easy to get to. I’ve got my Woot shirts to the right, separated from the rest as well. On the inside of the closet to the left and right are hooks where I usually hanging my lounging clothes, robe, etc.

On the bottom are two plastic storage containers. The bottom one holds purses I use and the top is all of my shoes. I keep about 6 pairs in the hall that I wear on a regular basis (rotated for the seasons) the rest are in here.  The laundry basket is my only hamper.

And that’s it. Its a small room – 11′ by 9′ 6″ and barely big enough for my queen bed. But I’m grateful for some space. Better than none.

Up next: My living room…


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