My Apartment: A Short Tour of my Kitchen

Alright. I know I am curious about other people’s kitchens so lets take a short tour of mine shall we? I think just for the hell of it I might post my decorated apartment in a few days as well. Eh, why not? Maybe you’d like to sneak a peek…I know I do!!

I have a thing for vintage advertising and vintage accessories…especially the 40s for some reason. Which my decorating fits the apartment beautifully!

I live in a 1 bedroom, second level/top floor, apartment built in either 1948 or 1949 (I’m not exactly sure since the previous owner of this building is the one that told me). And because of the location of the building (a very busy corner on a very busy street) I guess the various owners of this complex never cared one way or another about maintaining it beyond status quo. So I have the same 1940s/1950s cabinets and linoleum on the floor AND on my countertops. Yup. What you can’t see in the photos are the burn marks on the counters…places where its actually melted. Ugly isn’t it?? If this hadn’t been a rental all its life I’m sure they would be beautiful! I don’t know why the cabinets look dirty…they aren’t. Must have been the flash or something bouncing off the LAYERS of paint on the cabinets.


more pictures and information after the jump…

This is it for cabinets and counter space. Yes, I’m serious!! On the countertops I store only my “must have outs”. On the left are canisters of flour, sugar and Japanese rice along with a butter dish and my mugs composed of heat treated lab glass (I forget the name of the company now). On the right is a bottle of balsamic vinegar, sugar bowl, creamer jug, rice cooker, toaster oven and my container of bento bags.

Above the sink I hung baskets, which normally are filled with fruit and vegetables.

As for the cabinets the upper left ones contain food, not really organized in any real pattern. The upper right ones contain my regular dishes and mixing bowls. The bottom left contains odds and ends like my pot lids, my cast iron, my fryer, food dehydrator, food processor, toaster, etc. The center section of cabinets contains very little, just a few cleaning supplies and leftover paint. My drawers are organized by type so from the top on the left side are silverware; serving spoons, can opener, bottle opener, etc; food baggies, foil, cling wrap, etc and clean kitchen towels are in the bottom drawer. On the right side from the top we have the junk drawer; baking drawer; the bulkier baking stuff and the bottom one contains my toolbox and tools.

This is supposed to be an eat-in kitchen, but I’d rather have the extra counter space, its more important. So when I went shopping for kitchen islands I found this bookcase instead. The amount of storage space is phenomenal compared to those itty bitty carts.

On the top shelf is all of my kitchen tools, knife block and spices. I like Penzeys. What can I say? An extra rack on the wall holds spice mixes. The second shelf is all cookbooks I use on a kinda, regular basis. The vintage ones are on the bottom shelf on the left. Behind them is a plastic box containing magazines, files and loose recipes. The tin marked with recipes contains recipe cards for all the recipes that I actually use and love. I’m going to move them into a Tastebook by the end of the year however. On the right side of the bottom shelf you have my two storage “boxes” for my bento stuff. Its easy to store and comes out easily.

On the left of the bookcase is a container for my cat food; a kitchen chair and trash can on the right. I have to have the trash accessible for cooking garbage. Its just easier. Next to the trash can is the cat’s food and water fountain. Above the trash can is a pot rack with my non-stick set.


My beautiful papertowel holder! I bought it at a thrift store for $3. And it was worth every penny! I think its my favorite item in my kitchen.


My stove and fridge (with microwave on top) directly across the room from my kitchen “island” cart. Yes…messy. I know. The back of the stove stores my bottles of oil, hot sauce, pizza topping shakers and toothpicks. The top of the stove is where I store my most used cast iron. The fridge contains my very cool magnetic shopping list (like the Magnetic Poetry kits), bills calendar, a magnetic notepad, a few magnetic cookbooks and clips for me to store my recipe cards while I am cooking from them.

The fridge has no organization. I just don’t store many left overs. The door on the left goes to a back room where my furnace, a small pantry and litter box are stored.


The basic view from the doorway into the kitchen so you can get the general feel of it. It’s small. Only 11′ by 8′ 1″.

What do you think??

Up next: my bedroom…


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