Purchase: Bento T-shirt

I am a MEGA Woot fan. MEGA! I have about 15 shirts in my closet right now, and many more I’ve given away. I love them, just love them. But today’s offering, and make no mistake it is only available TODAY – August 30 – for $10 – after this, probably for about 2 weeks unless people keep buying it, it will be $15 – is a bento box! No really!!


How kawaii is this!? Of course I bought one! And so should you!! Spread the Woot love!

Now before you ask about the t-shirt itself…its American Apprael and they run slightly small but they are the MOST COMFORTABLE shirts I have ever owned. I own no other t-shirts, just theirs.


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2 responses to “Purchase: Bento T-shirt

  1. mihoo

    Great T-Shirt!
    I should have check your blog on Aug 30th. I visited the Woot site, it is still available but of course not in $10.

  2. karmatir

    That is, I’m afraid, the down fall of Woot. But still its only $15 including shipping.

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