Link: Dutch Oven Dude

I *love* my cast iron and my dutch ovens!! Love them!! Heck I have a full set of the stuff! Lodge. Of course. Nothing less.

So when I found this site – Dutch Oven Dude – I practically wet myself…ok, not really. But it is a cool site with LOTS of great information. And I adore his attitude about Lodge. Don’t question it. Lodge is the best, end of story. No questions. *LOL*

At any rate he also has some neat conversion graphs and information. So check that out as well.

Since I found this I’ve been thinking about writing a diatribe on why cast iron is the best (it is, don’t question me)…maybe later. 🙂


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  1. hey i have the same idea! dutch oven cooking is the best! when i go for camp cooking my dutch oven goes with me! at i find my recepten and all the related things i need,
    the nederlandse dutch oven society is good for information

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