Purchase: Lunch Container at Dollar Tree

I totally missed out on the bento boxes at Dollar Tree last year. I hadn’t gotten into them yet (just missed it) but I also don’t recall seeing any around here. Could just be my faulty memory however.

At any rate I didn’t find any new bento boxes this year (after all school is starting in a mere week here) but I did find this guy:


He comes with a portable folding spoon that is real junk and I will be tossing it. And its marked that it is not dishwasher or microwave safe. Its not marked for capacity however, so I had to use the water method of measuring. But the top layer holds about 250 mL and the bottom layer around 450 mL. I would go with slightly less as I never screwed anything together to see if any “slipped” out. The bottom is double walled but I’m not sure how thermal it would be. It comes in bright pink, bright green and this bright blue.

Well for a $1, not bad!! I’ll have to see what it can do with it sometime in the future when I’m in the mood for soup or porridge or something. Fall is coming!!

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One response to “Purchase: Lunch Container at Dollar Tree

  1. I have this container – it holds liquid very well, but doesn’t do such a good job at maintaining heat – luckily I live in a furnace so it works well enough! I most often use it for yogurt and fruit with granola up on top. And I totally use the folding spoon!

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