News on Me & this blog: What's Happening Now!

This is just a few random things going on with me. I know, this is a food blog…but frankly I don’t have a personal blog (except for Twitter) and all this is mostly food related. I swear!!

Yesterday I dropped a full bottle, about wine bottle size, of fish sauce on my middle toe on my left foot. This is the damage it did:



Yeah, not pretty. Not pretty at all. And its even more purple in person than what the photos show. These pictures were taken only 4 hours after I did it too. Its all puffy and I can barely move it. Sigh. Lesson learned…don’t drop heavy food items on your foot!!

Next. I bought a domain name for this here blog that is going to result in a name change. I’m dropping the FOODS and just becoming Pieces of Earth. The new domain BTW is I haven’t rolled out any more of the name change/domain change other than that. I just got tired of telling people over and over what the full url was…and having them screw it up half way through. Right now the url is just forwarding to the regular WordPress addy. I might just leave it that way as I HATE coding! So there ya go!!

Lastly…I am not dating any one. Haven’t for awhile. What does this have to do with food you ask? Have you noticed a slow down in recipes and cookbook posting? That’s why. I have almost no one to cook for, and have almost no one to consume what I do cook besides me so I haven’t been cooking as much. One full recipe goes a LONG way when your by yourself. But I promise I’ve got a bunch of stuff backlogged (and I’m taking every advantage of family and friend get-togethers) and am just polishing them to post VERY SOON!! So look for more of that.


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