Bento #56: Capelin and Ebi Sushi

PhotobucketMy local Japanese market recently had capelin in their freezer cases. So I bought some – 5 fishes for 2.95. Not a bad deal when they taste SOO good!

For this meal I filleted 2 of the fish, gave the roe to my kitties (lucky cats!) and made sushi with it. I threw in some Ebi (shrimp) to bulk them up. Very boring looking…but they tasted really good!! The fish has soy sauce, of course, but I was out of ginger.

On the side is some Jasmine rice mixed with cinnamon and sugar. When warm this is a fantastic dish!! I bring it to work so that everyone can inhale the lovely goodness that is Jasmine rice. Yummy!

I know, no vegetables. Well, besides the nori on the sushi. Eh. I had plenty earlier in the day. Kinda vegetabled out.

Do you like my new tatami mat background? I’m trying to become better at this photo thing…I still need to work on it…it needs A LOT of improvement!!!


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