Opinion: Husking Corn

I’ve got a food pet peeve. And its a big one for me. And its in season right now. And it drives me absolutely NUTS! Honestly, I don’t know why. Perhaps because I love corn that much and I grew up in farm country.

Peeking at the corn and husking it at the store. This is Omaha and people still have bad form here, nevermind the rest of the country!!

An ear of corn starts losing sugar (and starts converting it to starch) the moment its pulled from the stalk. The husk and protective corn silks help delay this process by preventing the kernels from being exposed. Corn you buy earlier in the day or the day before WILL taste better with the husk left on until the last minute than corn that was husked at the store.

Further how many of these pro-store husking individuals just go home and eventually plop the corn into some foil to cook or grill? Stupid. It already had its own wrapper that you discarded!! A wrapper that vents very well on its own, unlike foil.

Last…peeking. You can tell what the corn cob looks like from the outside WITHOUT peeking at it, and peeking does accelerate the starch production which breaks down the taste. How? Just feel it. You will feel full kernels and a full cob through the husk. How do you know if your getting a bad one? True. Just buy an extra want if you want to be sure…its corn. Its healthy for you and filling so why complain about eating too much of it?? Besides I’m not allowed to peek at my cantaloupes, tomatoes, watermelon or even things like cream cheese before purchase! Yes, I have gotten 2 moldy packages of cream cheese (not sealed correctly) in the last few years. As for bad ears of corn? About the same as the cream cheese. Nearly all corn in this day and age has been bred from perfect hybrids reducing the incidences of worms, rot, etc.

Oh, if you buy from an actual farmer its actually an insult to him if you peek…its like assuming he has a bad product. Then again some want you to peek and some seem insulted by it. And frankly as long as you don’t husk at the store I could care less if you peek.


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