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In my spare time when I am bored with nothing better to do or read, or even if I am just in an exploring mood, I will use StumbleUpon to find something, anything, to look at it. Some are good, some are bad, but its always an adventure. You never know what you are going to see next.

But the cool thing about StumbleUpon is that you can program it with your choices and preferences…and since I love food so much (and bento) these are programmed in. Along with other stuff, like poetry, photography, history, art, etc. I’m thinking of just randomly posting new Stumble searches from now on, when I find neat stuff, some food related, some not.

For now I present to you a few Stumbles I found:

A nifty photo search of kawaii and character bentos. Some amazing ones out there!!

The 7 Best Foods We Never Eat – avocado, sweet potato, soybeans, dried figs, lentils, kale, and barley. Other than sweet potato (which you notice I eat ALL.THE.TIME) I really don’t eat many of these. I really don’t know why. Ok, I do know I don’t like soybeans at all…and I’m from Nebraska and I live in Iowa. Its sad I know.

The World’s Biggest Show and Tell website. And they have an entire section for food! Some amazing directions!!

Bar Code yourself – Yeah not food but I love this! I am now just a barcode, not even a number! And I wonder how much I’m worth if I scanned myself?? This is a very cool art site with some nifty things…I suspect the artist is going to end up wth some of my money SOON!

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