Links: AOL Food Quizzes

I’m a quiz junkie. I love them. But quizzes on food!! Heck yeah!! So enjoy!

Cereal ID Quiz I got 16 out of 20…A LOT better than I thought I would do

Candy Bar ID Quiz I got 17 out of 20 – missed the ones I have never tried like Chunky

Snack Cake ID QuizI got 14 out of 20 – The only reason I got any with TastyKakes or Drake’s was because I knew what they WEREN’T. Sigh.

Iced Tea Quiz I got 6 out of 15 – and I LOVE iced tea! It’s literally all I drink besides water and lemonade (sometimes iced chai) in the summer. I never order soda in a restaurant, just iced tea. Sigh. Just proves you can love something and know NOTHING about it.

Frozen Treats ID Quiz I got 12 out of 20 – honestly this is Blue Bunny country (Corp Headquarters are about 1 hour north of Omaha) and you don’t find much beyond BB here – some but not all the ones listed. I had never even heard of a lot of the ones in the quiz. And no Good Humor here at all. Heard of them but know NOTHING about them. Very little Haagen Dazs as well, mostly quarts of ice cream and the like.

And a bunch of other ones:
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Snack Food Quiz
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BBQ Quiz
Regional BBQ Quiz
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Food & Wine Pairing Quiz
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State Fair Food Quiz
Halloween Candy Quiz
Dude Food Quiz
Movie Food Quiz
TV Food Quiz
Music Food Quiz
Candy Bar Quiz
Hershey’s Kisses Quiz
Aphrodisiac Food Quiz
Pasta Shape ID Quiz
NCAA Munch Madness Quiz
Fresh Herb ID Quiz
Spice ID Quiz
Cocktail Ingredients Quiz


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