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A few weeks ago I was offered a couple of free bottles of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. I gladly accepted as I totally love free stuff (especially food!) and I LOVE trying new food stuffs.

Until this offer I had never heard of this sauce; had never tried it.

But honestly I really like it. Why? It appeals to my personal taste buds very well, sweet (very sweet!) but smoky. It’s not an all-purpose sauce though, well no more than how one would use any BBQ sauce. And frankly, just like other BBQ sauces its NOT good on everything as it does have a slight steak sauce flavor to it.

(More after the jump including compliments and complaints…)

I started by making a traditional BBQ chicken pizza with it. Bad idea. I didn’t like it. This sauce is too sweet and too “steak-like” to use it in that manner. But just using it on chicken as a sauce or a marinade was fantastic!

And mixing in the sauce with the meat to make hamburgers on the grill was delicious!! It gave it such a boost of flavor and sweet smokiness!

I also tried their baked beans recipe. Granted I’m biased as I already possess one of the world’s best baked beans recipes (posting this soon I promise!) but Country Bob’s was sweet and tastier than any deli beans I’ve ever had. And just as easy and quick.

My only complaints with this product/company are availability of their products and the company motto.

First availability. According to their website my local Wal-mart stores sell this sauce, however, I have never found it locally. Like I said I’ve never even seen it and I’m a hound for condiments! Then again, honestly, I haven’t been looking for it long, just since they first offered me the chance to sample it. And other than Wal-mart its not available on the shelves here. Which means planning ahead, or shopping at a store that some people (including my own mother) boycott. That’s something I hate doing with food stuffs – to much work finding an item means I won’t buy it. Though admittedly having Wal-mart on your side nationally is a big plus! It might just be a local temporary issue of availability and something I must keep in mind in the future. I’ll keep looking for it!

ETA: I have now found it at 2 grocery stores that aren’t listed on Country Bob’s website. Stores that just recently got it in stock, so I found out. But still no luck at my regular Wal-mart! Go figure! It retails here for about $3.00 a bottle. Guess I just need to keep searching and seeing how available it is. Still no luck on any other sauce but the All Purpose, however. Not anywhere.

Now as for the company motto – “Christ is our CEO” – I don’t like public displays of religion, especially by a company. It doesn’t mean I will boycott something, it just means I don’t like it. I honestly LOVE when a company or a person has such deep faith but by putting it all out there they stand the chance of alienating large groups of “non-believers”. Especially non-believers like me who don’t believe in proselytizing religion – any religion – to others. Granted, it may seem like they aren’t trying to convince us to join Christianity by saying this simple statment. But the reality is clear on their website. And speaking as a minority religion practioner it does feel like you are either being sold a story to join or are being excluded. Either way, this is food (food anyone can eat and enjoy) and religion should not be included with food. No reason to get political and polarizing about it.

In short, even with my complaints I would buy this sauce again. It adds that “something” I’ve never tasted elsewhere. And becomes a fantastic kick when BBQ sauce just doesn’t do it.


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