New: Ichiban Kan Order #4

Yup. Another order. But this one was different. It came squashed. And as a result one glass item ended up broken (at the end of the post). Otherwise it was shipped fast and just like always.


The complete “man’s” Liberty set from Lube Sheep. I already bought the top box (in my first Ichiban Kan order) and wanted to complete the set.


Two different types of plastic cases to hold Nintendo DS games, and in the case of the larger ones, the DS as well. I’ve aquired too many games and need to get them organized.


Some plastic food storage containers (250 ml each), four of those. Then a small onigiri mold set: heart, star or bear head. Gotta “kawaii” my bento from type to type I guess. One package of oval foil cups (60 count) and they fit perfectly in my bento boxes and last but not least an Animal Click fork (general) and chopsticks (monkey). The rabbit chopsticks were just TOO pink for me and I figured these at least matched the yellow on the rabbit onigiri box.


Two different lunch bags. The first is a zippered one, the second is a thermal zippered one. My new favorite one I think!!


A sakura themed fan, a neck strap with a clip, wallet strap with  clips, and a beautiful glass windchime.


And now the greatest tragedy of this shipment:


Yup. Its broken. It arrived with a hole and a crack almost all the way around the base. Sigh. I already emailed them to see what could be done as this is was THE item I wanted most out of this shipment.



The the original windchime arrived broken. I emailed Ichiban Kan that Friday night. By Saturday morning I had an email asking for a picture of the damage and that they would send out a new one on Monday.

They shipped it 2nd Day Air and it arrived by Wednesday!

They went above and beyond fixing this situation…and for a $1.50 windchime at that. I certainly didn’t expect the courtesy response and rapid shipment…and this time the box was taped closed and packed VERY VERY well.

Thank you! Amazing work!!


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