Exploring Cookbooks: 1963 General Foods – Joys of Jell-o

Released by General Foods Corp in 1963 to mark the 50th anniversary of the first Jell-o cookbook this little paperback gem came to me via a thrift store. It’s 96 pages long, approximately 8 1/4″ by 5 3/4″ inches and about 1/4″ inch thick. And in very good shape considering the paper quality and its age (mine is a first printing).

Disclaimer: I DESPISE JELL-O, with a PASSION! I loath it! And I pretty much refuse to eat it…I think its one of the nastiest things on the planet! As such, of course, I picked the grossest recipes to peek at! ENJOY!!

ETA: This is the very reason I collect vintage cookbooks…some are just good for a laugh or a gagging!


More pictures and information after the jump…


Crown Jewel Dessert (pictured), Ginger Fruit Mold, Cherry Cola Mold and Macaroon Velvet. This aren’t that bad, recipe-wise, but the picture is why I decided to showcase this page. Interesting!


Peach and Banana Mold, Glazed Tea Cakes, Pear Cake Dessert, Pink Coconut Cake and Fruit Filled Cake Roll. These recipes seemed more normal…and I liked the picture.


Cranberry-Apple Molds, Ambrosia Loaf (probably the only Jell-o thing I like!), Three-Fruit Fantasy, Frozen Ambrosia, Tangy Cider Mold, Orange Ginger Whip and Frosty Melon (pictured). Again another one where I thought the picture was neat!! The weird ones are coming, I swear!!


Now we get to the weird ones!! Vegetable Trio (carrots, cabbage and spinach in Lemon Jell-o – pictured on the bottom) and Tangy Cabbage Salad (cabbage and dill pickles in Pineapple Jell-o with horseradish)…yup…gross!!


Beet Salad, Coolime Salad, Rhubarb Salad, Cheese Carrot Salad (with cottage cheese!) and Vegetable Salad (cabbage, celery, green pepper and onion in Lime, Lemon-Lime, Orange and Orange-Pineapple Jell-o…GROSS!).


South-of-the-Border Salad, Souffle Salad, Polynesian Salad (rice, ham, pineapple and sprouts in Orange Jell-o) and Ring Around the Tuna (pictured)…eww, eww, eww! Meat DOES NOT belong in JELL-O!!!


Minted Pineapple, Quick Tomato Mold, Corn Relish (Jell-o AND pimentos, two things I hate in one dish!), Spiced Peaches and Supper Salad (rice, onion, celery and chicken in Lemon Jell-o).


Basic Tips and Tricks for working with Jell-o. Neat pictures though!!


Various uses and set times for Jell-o and the first page of the index.

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