Exploring Cookbooks: 1971 The Holiday Cookbook: Southern Living

This book was purchased at a thrift store (for the bargain price of 94 cents earlier this year!) and as such I’ve never used it. But its a Southern Living compilation and as such has very good Southern style recipes listed within.

It’s 192 pages long and approximately 7¾” by 9¾” in size. I suspect it *may* have had a dust jacket on it at some point due to odd missing title on the front cover. But I can’t be positive as I can’t find much information about it online. The publication date on the inside is listed as 1971.

Next week: Another church cookbook. Y’all seem to like those as much as these vintage collectible cookbooks. 🙂


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Some basic meal plans for the various holidays.


New Year’s: Elegant Eggnog Eclairs, Syllabub, Bonheur Pea Soup, Cheddar-Onion Soup, Croesus Salad, and Grapefruit Celery Salad.


Valentine’s Day: Pink champagne-Fruit Salad, Asparagus salad with Beet Hearts, Tomato and Relish Aspic and Valentine Aspics. A page I picked because of how nasty every recipe is…of course!!


Valentine’s Day: Jambalaya, Cornish Hens with Parsley Sauce, Baked Snapper with Red Sauce, and Butterfly Shrimp. Yummy, yummy. Fantastic V-Day dinner!!


Easter: Curried Creamed Eggs, Deviled Egg Bake, Croissants, and Easter Bread.


In honor of the Fourth of July which is Friday!!


Fourth of July: Hot Olive Dip, Anchovy-Stuffed Eggs, French-Deviled Eggs, Cheese Ball, Firecracker Cheese Jalapenos and Green Tomato Pickles. Nice appetizers!


Labor Day: Barbecued Chicken, Picnic Baked Beans, Barbecued Carrots in Wine (yum! need to try this!), Corn on the Cob, Charcoaled Onions and Lemon Nut Squares. Nice picnic recipes for the summer, not just Labor Day.


Halloween: Bavarian Chip Dip, Smoked Egg Dip, Mephistopheles Dip (kinda bizarre!), Bacon and Sour Cream Dip, Lobster Fondue (OH MY GOD! I’M IN LOVE!) and Swiss Cheese Shrimp Fondue.  I would NEVER make the Bavarian Chip Dip – I HATE braunschweiger and that’s a main ingredient.


Halloween: Kraut-Meat Pasties (pretty much Runzas and one my favorite foods), Long Boy Cheeseburgers, Ground Beef with Beans and Rice, and Spaghetti and Meatballs for a Crowd. Incidentally I am half German (4th generation) so I still eat a lot of German foods at my family reunions and in my every day life.


Thanksgiving: Roast Pheasant, Baked Wild Ducks in Red Sauce, Roast Wild Goose and Rice and Roast Goose with Pickle-Spiced Stuffing. MMMM! GOOSE! I love goose and haven’t had it in ages…maybe I can talk my mom into it for Christmas this year…:)


Christmas Day: Roast Shoat with Hunter’s Sauce, Charlotte Russe, Traditional Ambrosia (one of the best things about Christmas!), Candlelight Holiday Raisin Cake, and Christmas Lane Cake.


Gourmet Christmas Gifts: Ginger cookies, Frosty Winter Bars, Swedish Sprintz, Fruitcake Bon Bons and Date-Filled Cheese Pastries.


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