Exploring Cookbooks: 1975 Better Homes and Gardens – Homemade Cookies Cookbook

This poor cookbook has seen better days. Its very well loved and used still. It was my grandmother’s originally and I honestly don’t remember making too many cookie recipes besides those in these pages. I can remember many Christmas’s past were our all day cooking marathons involved nothing more than the pages of this book.

This book is a 1975 publication by Better Homes and Gardens. There are various subjects in this book series but I know that, at least in my family, this is the only one that mattered!! I honestly think my family has made every single recipe in this book as I can distinctly remember what each and every recipe tastes like.

If you ever find one of these at a thrift store, garage sale, whatever, BUY IT! You will never regret it!! Literally one of the best cookie cookbooks on the planet…no lie.


*I apologize for the lighting in some of these pictures. For some reason I couldn’t get it just right. I’ll do better next time. I promise.

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Bar cookies: Fig, Raisin-filled, Chocolate chip, Caramel-coconut and Apple Spice. All of these are fantastic!

My mom can’t bake regular cookies (she *ALWAYS* burns them, no matter what) so when I was little she made bar cookies instead…this page saw a lot of action.


Holiday cookies: Lemon bars, Raspberry bars, Black Walnut Fingers, Cherry Almond, Chewy Noels, and Almond Sugar Strips. Another page that saw heavy action – hey, lemon and raspberry bars are to die for!!


Brownies: Marble Fudge, Mint Swirl (yum!), Saucepan Fudge, Buttermilk (again yum!), Pound Cake, Cheese-Marbled (cheesecake swirl), and Semisweet Frosted. Another heavy action page!! I adore brownies with a passion!!


Refridgerator cookies: Sugar-Pecan Crisps, Cinnamon Nut Slices, Cherry-Pecan Gems, Vanilla Sugar Slices, Oatmeal Refrigerator Cookies, Orange Refrigerator Cookies, Gumdrop Cookies, Giner-Molasses Crisps, and Health Cookies (hippy type cookies with wheat germ and peanut oil).


Christmas cookies: Konjakskransar, Florentines, Uppakrakakor, Ragkakor, Pfeffernuesse, Holiday Peppernuts, and Letterbanket. All the European ones.


More Christmas cookies: Festive Tassies, Kringla, Krumkake, and Santa’s Whiskers (some of my favorites!!)


Tea cookies: Prune Bars (which are very good), Cherry Cherry Cookies, Jam Thumbprints and Mexican Mocha Balls.


Basically an entire page convincing you to give cookies as gifts. WTF? I mean seriously, they are cookies! Everyone loves cookies!!


Information on which cookies make the best gifts and which ones travel the best, complete with page number for easy reference.


How to cut your cookies/brownies and how many to ship in a given size container. Very handy!! I’ve used this for everything!!



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7 responses to “Exploring Cookbooks: 1975 Better Homes and Gardens – Homemade Cookies Cookbook

  1. im trying to find the cook book better homes and gardens homemade cookies 1975 edition do they not have the same teciper as the new ones

  2. Beth

    I grew up with this cookbook too- and my mother (beset by a fit of cleaning and clearing, referred to in the family as “Mom’s Crazies” (capital letters required)) SOLD IT IN A YARD SALE. Luckily I found another copy a few years ago at a Goodwill store. My sister threatens to steal it from me constantly.

  3. Wyndee

    I don’t know where I acquired this book, but it has been a staple for me since before I was married, 16 years ago. I have butter stains on pages and some pages are falling out, but I still use it faithfully. I am of Norwegian decent, so the Scandinavian cookie recipes are extra special to me.

  4. Mary

    I am looking for the BHG cookbook from the early 70, I remember making a certain receipe that I have never been able to duplicate. I did find a website that might help you it is oldcookbooks.com They seem to have a list of all the BHG both cookbooks and baking. I hope you remember what it looked like since there are so many.

  5. Kathy

    Is this the one with the flourless peanut butter cookie recipe? If it is I might buy it from Amazon.

  6. Tammy

    Im looking for two recipes from BHG from a Christmas Cookies magazine in the early 1990’s. Apricot Florentines made with dried apricots,slivered almonds, white raisins,canned milk. after they bake semi-sweet choc. chips are melted and spread on bottom of cookie.

    second cookie is a walnut nut strudel cookie. canned milk and sugar are cooked, ground walnuts stirred in &
    it is spread on a cream cheese dough. rolled, baked and sliced into cookies then rolled in powdered sugar.
    I have lost these recipes and would love to have them again. CN nyone help me out?
    Thank you

  7. Mary

    Tammy, I am pretty sure, I know where you can find these recipes. Just not sure how to contact you direct via email.

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