Link: Gotham City Pizzeria

And now Domino’s had brought us Gotham City Pizzeria a fun little website for the Batman/pizza lover.

Prominetly displayed on the front page is: “We Love Gotham City – No other place in the world compares to Gotham. This is our city and we’ll do anything to protect her.” And how they “pledge to support Batman”. If you click the “ha” in Gotham on the main page there’s a link to a very short trailer (its not much to watch actually). They’ve even got information about a limited edition “Gotham Times” newspaper about Batman (only at participating locations – and none near me).

Admittedly I get tired of a lot of food tie-ins when a big name movie comes out (“Dark Knight” is scheduled to reach theaters on July 18) and there seems to be a lot more promotion associated with this one than the last. But this was a cute little tie in from Domino’s – let’s hope there are more that are at least interesting!!

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