News: Newsweek's blurb about Bento

Last week Newsweek published a short blurb about the fad/trend that is bento and quoted one of my favorite bloggers: Biggie at Lunch in a Box! Since then there has been a busy flutter around her blog…and I noticed my visitors have gone up 2-fold since then as well!! Welcome!!

I’ve been very busy with work lately (due to the storms, tornadoes and flooding in this region) and haven’t had a spare moment to myself where I didn’t just want to relax! As a result I am afraid I haven’t been able to post the things I have wanted to, recipes, as well as other things that I think deserve attention. Or even respond to the Newsweek article in a timely fashion. The stormy season should die down here in the next week or so (please!!) and I should be able to return to normal at that time. Thankfully!

Now as to whether bento is a fad or a trend. I really don’t know. Maybe either one. But then again Going Green seems to fit in that mold as well. I started doing bento because it was so environmentally friendly – I have nearly no waste when I eat. And it really reduced the size of my lunch bag, making it easier to make, less food wasted and less food containers (bags, plastic, etc) used. And I am genuinely excited about my lunches again. Does that make it a fad or is it something that will stick around? I dunno. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and I don’t think I will be giving it up any time soon.

What do you think? Trend or fad? Head over to Lunch in a Box and give your opinion!


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