Exploring Cookbooks: 1977 My Cup Runneth Over – First United Methodist Church Cookbook

I promised when I posted a recipe for No Bake Cookies that I would highlight this cookbook after the Time Life series finished. In my household as a child this was THE “go to” book (along with Better Homes and Gardens and Joy of Cooking). It contains so many different recipes from so many ethnic groups and areas of the world. Not to mention some of the very foods I love that are very common in the Omaha area like Kolaches (posted below).

This book is a church cookbook published in 1977 by the First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Nebraska. The cookbook, according to the information inside, was printed to raise money to re-build their church after the fateful 1975 tornado that wiped out most of town (3rd most expensive tornado in US history). My parents remember that tornado very well (it was 6 years before I was born).


More pictures, recipes and information after the jump…


Yummy…Jello salads as far as the eye can see!! This is a church cookbook…Methodist Church. On par with the jello as much as any Lutheran Church! I hate jello and jello salads for the record.


KETV is our local ABC TV affiliate. Fanastic old logo! Also great instructions on bread making.


Kolaches. If you’ve never had or even heard of a Kolache MAKE this! Good fillings are peach, apricot and strawberry – use fruit preserves.


Great ad for a microwave! Plus all the information you need on microwave cooking – the Wave of the Future! *snicker*


Milkless, Eggless, Butterless Cake – this happens to be one of my mother’s favorite recipes and my grandmother’s favorite cake. You see a couple of these at my family reunion usually. Very common among my relatives for some reason. The Baker’s Icing is not a buttercream frosting by any means but it is good on cake and what my mom usually makes for her cakes.

The 7 up Pound Cake is also common in this area and among my relatives. I love this cake, its one of my favorites!


I just love this divider page! And on the other side…


you have this!! Cool placement, eh?? I’ve never made that dressing, but I have had it and its good, very good!


These pages are recipes for kids. Very good stuff…fudge, peanut brittle, baked beans, coleslaw, chili, and apple crisp.


The No Bake Recipe by a 12 year old. 🙂


Stories of cooking blunders. Some very funny stuff!


Marriage advice. Some good, some provincial, some bad. Neat to read however.


Index and order cards. Cost? $6.10 at the church – now that would be $22.01. To get it mailed to you inside Omaha $7.00 – now it would be $25.26. And to get it mailed you outside of the Omaha area $7.50 – now it would be $27.06. (Price differences were determined using this) A fair price to pay!!

And on the left: “…and thus endeth another soon-to-become-famous cookbook…the Lord willin” Well, here is a small slice of fame…better late than never!



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3 responses to “Exploring Cookbooks: 1977 My Cup Runneth Over – First United Methodist Church Cookbook

  1. Thank you for posting this! Very interesting. I dig the design too. And that binder! Wow.

  2. I own a copy of this cookbook! I was a teenager when the 1975 tornado hit Omaha. My father was the minister of music at First United Methodist Church and led a choir of children, who were rehearsing, to safety after he saw the roiling clouds in the sky. The room they had been in had windows on 3 sides, which imploded in the force of the tornado.

  3. @ Erica

    That’s a wonderful story – so long as everyone was safe that is. That’s not something you forget that’s for sure. My parents sure haven’t.

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